Good Morning Schoolers!!!!!

Morning schoolers!

How did everyone sleep???? It took awhile, but I did stroll down happy sleepy trail! I think I would sleep alot better if the little fish inside my head would stop swimming and sleep a little too. What can I say to them????? I love to swim at night!!!!! Some of their best ideas have been discovered in the middle of the night, swimming in the dark….looking for their muse or LOL finning faster to stay in front of the sharks. Good times!

We are still in the web-site developement stage…. and yesterdays lesson was link’s! How complicated is it, YOU ask????… I am amazed how everything is tied together. Seriously, does everything have to be a game of wit’s???? (bots, spiders and page ranking oh my!)

Maybe your scratching your head, asking why I am making such a big deal over the web-site developement…Seriously, I really haven’t been on a computer in years, YEARS….I mean years. I was so rusty… it took me forever to fiqure out facebook. The only thing I have ever paid attention to was the outside of the computer…. what I see surfing. I have never looked at the coding side…it really is cool, not my thing…but cool.

I hope you have a wonderful day….

Just keep swimming


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