How did Monday get here so fast???? I am sure I am still stuck somewhere around “Sunday afternoon”! It is so zen like to sit and make jewelry…. That is my side of the equation!!!!!

OH but then the reality hits….the dreams of sending Fishy Face Designs into space, meeting friends….just orbiting around…. You have dreams for your baby…teach her how to be independent and what happens…She crashes! LOL you realize designing a website is rocket science! (well for me anyway!!!!!) See I think back to when I was growing up, the media went through a phase, where for example, there were hidden messages in our music, behind our commercials etc….. I get it now…. It was those guys who invented the internet….Not Al Gore as originally reported. After the birth of Fishy Face Designs and the website was up and running……. Oh the stars….linking to satellites….chasing the moon… I was so proud of my baby….. Then I saw it….. the first flashes… I was frightened….they were back…. Those same guys who terrorized with the fear of hidden messages…. they came back for round two! The games…. they play!!!! What are you talking about, are you asking me that?? When my baby fishy was born I was a new parent, a first time clueless parent….. Oh, how cute she is…. she does this or that….I was such a proud parent….. Until I realized I didn’t know squat about fishy or the web…. For every page out there you have so much information built and stored behind everything, so I am building Fishy Face Designs so I can teach her to be independent, powerful and send her on her next super adventure…..which is riding the fishy highway in the sky!

Just keep swimming!


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